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The Basics of Learning How to Swim

Swimming classes for adults

Swimming Classes for Adults – Learning to swim requires consistency and the right knowledge. It has been observed that unprofessional swimmers with little to no swimming basics are more vulnerable to the potential threat/risk of drowning or injuries. Although, it will be best to get swimming classes for adults under professional guidance. A perfect swim combines various arm strokes, kicks, breathing techniques, and body coordination. 

Here is a complete guide on the basics of learning to swim for adults and kids.

Essential Basics Your Need to Learn to Swim

Swimming requires smooth coordination with its various elements. To reach an expert level, you need to start with the basics. For adults, attending swimming classes for adults is preferred.

Basics of Learning Swimming Classes for Adults

Learning to Float

One of the basic elements of swimming is learning how to float in water. Normally, it is considered that objects of denser weight will sink in water. But you can float by distrusting your weight evenly. To float, extend your arms and legs as far as you can. It would help if you tilted your head back to align with your spine and the rest of the body.

Your posture should be correct, and keep yourself straight or it will lower your center of gravity which can make you sink. Once you are in the right position, take deep breaths, which will help you float smoothly. Do not panic. It might take time, but you will learn to swim with practice and consistency.

Practice Breathing Control and Techniques

Breathing is one of the most important features that will make swimming easy or difficult. Sometimes a bad posture can lead to difficulty breathing. While it is a natural body function, you must consciously coordinate breathing in swimming. Inhale with your mouth over the water and exhale in the water.

Do not hold your breaths for longer. It is essential to let Cardon dioxide out of the body. The breathing technique may vary depending upon the stroke style. Your swimming coach trainer at HydroSplash Swimming Academy Singapore will help you practice breathing control correctly.

Kicking Techniques

Kicking in swimming refers to your lower body movements. The kick should be initiated from your core and hips. The functionality of kicks is to induce faster speed and maintain body posture. Learn to swim adults with kicks using an economy of motion. You are not required to kick all the time in the water.

But use kicks when a move is needed. Besides that, it would be best if you learned how to keep your leg stable for a longer time and successfully swim. You can bend your knees and straighten them to drive greater force in the water. Don’t move your legs in circular motions but kick your legs straight. Your ankle position also serves to improve position stability.

Various Strokes Styles

Through HydroSplash Swimming Academy Singapore, you can learn various swimming stroke styles. Each stroke has its technique application. Some require greater arm strokes, while others demand powerful kicks and a specific body posture. If you are a beginner, starting with an easier and basic swimming stroke like freestyle is best. Your swimming coach will help you experience all types of strokes and enable you to identify your signature swim style.

Some of the well-known strokes are:

  • Front Crawl or Free Style
  • Breast Stroke
  • Side Stroke
  • Back Stroke
  • Butterfly Stroke
  • Face and Ear Emersion

It would help if you were water competent to become a swimmer. Beginners often face difficulty during face and ear emersion. You cannot swim, keeping your head off the water. Through professional swimming lessons, you will learn the balance and the method to get used to water emersion without swallowing or getting uncomfortable. You can also use swimming gear to help you get used to the water.

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Whole Body Coordination

To fully enjoy swimming, you must learn to coordinate your body movements. Your kicks must be in coordination with arm strokes with required breath control. Loss of any coordination can result in drowning or potential danger. With conscious body control, you will have greater focus and determination to learn to swim.


Sculling is another essential swimming basic that can also help in personal safety. In this technique, you are upright, keeping your head above the water. Using swift movements, making eight with your arms, you can float in the horizontal position. You can also incorporate flutter kicks in sculling.
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