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How to Safely Conduct Infant Swim Classes?

Infant Swim Classes Lessons

Infant Swim Classes Lessons – Did you know your two months old baby can be a great swimmer? Infant Swim Classes? That seems a crazy idea. But your baby has a natural tendency to become a great swimmer. When people turn towards the pool to cool off the heat, it can be a great opportunity for you to introduce the love of water to your infant. However, safety comes first when it comes to infants. As they are dependent upon elders/parents, parents must be aware of the basics of swimming infants. If the idea of teaching swimming to an infant is new to you, here is everything you need to know about how to conduct an infant swimming class safely.

How Can Infants Swim at Such a Tender Age?

All babies are born swimmers. The swimming ability comes from the pre-delivery phase. Your baby was already floating in the amniotic fluid in the womb. However, it is a naturally controlled environment that is safe and aids in their development and growth. Once they are in the world, they can start learning to swim from two months onwards. But safety measures must be taken for infant swimming classes.

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Factors to Keep In Mind When Conducting Infant Swimming Classes

Learning to swim at an early age can be beneficial in various ways. Your child will develop stronger muscles and have greater motor skills. Along with compelling benefits, it is important to take precautionary measures to ensure infant safety. Infants are sensitive and require extra care and attention during their infant swimming class

Here is how you can safely conduct swimming lessons for your infant.

Prepare Your Infant Swimming Bag

Before you get your infant into the pool, you must have essential swimming gear for your little one. It would be best if you had a swim diaper. Yes, that’s right. Things like these do exist. Regular diapers are designed to absorb liquid. It will be full quicker and will become heavy; you can risk your infant drowning due to extra diaper weight. Swim diapers are designed to absorb less liquid, helping your infant balance the water better. Along with a swim diaper, you need different clothes, towels, sunblock, feed, and a first-aid kit for any emergency. 

Ensure Controlled Water Temperature

Water temperature is essential when it comes to swimming infants. Little ones are sensitive to extreme water temperatures, which can cause various health issues. They can catch a cold or fever if the water is too hard for them. You must ensure that the pool is clean and free from any chemicals. A Singapore swimming academy can provide a clean and controlled environment. 

 A recommended pool temperature is generally 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you are unsure of a safer temperature, consult with his pediatrician. You can get a controlled water temperature at a Swimming Academy Singapore.

Bring His/ Her Favourite Toys

If you are taking your infant to the pool for the first time, make sure you don’t scare them. In case of a bad experience, they can develop aquaphobia and might avoid swimming for the rest of their lives. You don’t know how your little one will react to water. It is recommended that he take along his favorite toy to have a great time in the pool and find something familiar. But bathing toys that can float in the pool. This will excite your infant.

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Progressive Training

Begin with shallow water to ensure your infant’s safety, do not rush into professional techniques or strokes at once. Keep the start simple so that your infant gets used to water activities. Be aware of submerging your child in the water; it is an advanced technique that needs to be performed under professional guidance. In case of wrong submerging, your infant can face drowning, water intoxication, or aquaphobia. For advanced swimming strokes, your infant must master the swimming basics. Please keep it simple and let them enjoy and learn slowly over time.

Consider Professional Infant Swimming Classes

Many leading Swimming Academies in Singapore offer multiple swimming programs for infants. You can join parent-child swimming classes where you can be involved with your infant in the pool. This way, your infant won’t get scared of the new environment.

A professional swimming trainer knows the essential techniques and how to hold an infant for swimming. Your infant will be in the hands of experts. In case of any emergency, the standby medical team will be provided to cater to your infant’s health readily.


Swimming can teach essential life skills, infant swim classes can develop exceptional personality traits and physical strength at a tender age. But when it comes to swimming, safety should be the priority. With the right guidance, like a swimming academy in Singapore, your child can master the swimming action and broaden life and career opportunities.

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