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Swimming for Weight Loss – For most people, it is easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. Our technological dependence has lowered our physical activities and increased obesity rates. Excess weight further leads to health problems and life-threatening diseases. Experts recommend taking notice of your physical routine and balancing it with regular exercise. It is okay to have a slice of your favorite chocolate cake. But it is a must to burn the access calories and replace your cheat meals with a healthy diet. 

Are You Stuck with Stubborn Fat?

It is always scary to step up on the weighing machine. Seeing the level rising above your ideal weight can give you a mini heart attack. People go on crazy diet regimes and starve themselves to shed excess weight. But these so-called faster weight loss plans often end up in eaten-up nutrition. 

Are you stuck with stubborn fat that does not seems to go away? Despite your efforts, you still gain weight, and your starvation goes to waste. Instead, you binge eat to cope with your weight loss failure. 

Weight Loss Swimming Lessons Singapore

Health experts and fitness trainers recommend swimming as an ultimate solution for stubborn weight loss. It is a recreational and intense activity. Here is why experts recommend swimming for weight loss. 

Tones Your Body

We all crave that perfectly toned body shape. It is no secret that physical fitness gives you satisfaction. When you are positive about your body, you will be more confident and have greater self-esteem.

  • During swimming strokes, you will work against the water resistance, and it will create greater endurance and help your muscles to increase stamina and strength.

Improved Metabolic Rate

Do you have a swimmer friend? If yes, you must have observed them feeling hungry immediately after getting out of the pool. This is because swimming fastens the metabolism rate. The increased metabolic rate helps burn calories faster and provides significant energy. You will burn excess fat even at rest. It will help your body remove toxins and strengthen immune systems for disease resistance. Swimming for weight loss will help you shed extra pounds and improve your overall health.

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A Full Cardio Workout

Cardio exercises are known to torch fat and reduce weight. Swimming is a full-fledge cardio workout that increases your heart rate. Your blood will be stimulated and will help in oxygenating the muscles better. Unlike other exercises, swimming will not target one body part. The whole body will be utilized in intense physical exertion.

Swimming will aid in muscle building without involving any equipment. Although, you can also use various gear for swimming drills.

How to Swim For Weight Loss?

Swimming will aid your weight loss journey if you follow the mentioned recommendations.

Swim REgularly

Swimming for weight loss requires four to five dedicated days a week. Swimming for an hour can burn up to 800 calories, depending upon your swim speed. This way, you can burn approximately 3500 to 4000 calories a week.

Correct Your Swim Techniques

You can get the most out of your swimming by fixing your swim mistakes. If your strokes are not done correctly, they will consume your energy earlier, leaving your body fatigued. Consult with a swim trainer to get your swimming techniques right. It will help you to increase your swim duration and stamina.

Switch Your SWim Styles

It would be best if you had the determination to swim. Sticking to one swim style can be boring. Each swim style has its unique features and benefits. Some focus more on arm strokes, while others require a powerful kick. Switch to various swim styles to keep you motivated.

Why Are you Not Losing Weight Through Swimming

We have seen people often discuss how they still are struggling to lose weight even though swimming. There can be multiple reasons why you are not losing weight through swimming. Here are a few of them;

Swimming Lessons for Weight Loss Singapore

Eating Calories More Than You Burned

After intense water activity, you will feel hungry. Here, controlling your binge eating and focusing on a healthy diet is crucial. Eating junk food to replenish your energy will not help you lose weight. Consult with swim trainer at HydroSplash Swimming Academy Singapore on recommended healthy diet plan.

Not Swimming Enough

You need professional swimming training, either group or private swimming lessons. If you are on your own, you probably will get out of the pool as soon as you start feeling tired. But a determinant swim coach will push your endurance and help you stay longer in the pool. You must swim for a minimum of 30 minutes which will burn 250 calories.

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Among various transformational swimming benefits, weight loss is noteworthy. People are keen to find quick fixes with promising results. While crash diets can lead to malnutrition, swimming can provide greater mental and physical fitness benefits. Joining swimming lessons can further improve your swim strokes and help you gain the maximum benefits of swimming for your health.

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