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Overcoming Fear of Swimming

How to Overcome the Fear and Start to Learn Swimming

Do you get chills down your spine just thinking of water? Let’s assure you that you are not the only one fearful of water. Studies have shown around fourteen million people have aquaphobia. The severity can differ from person to person. So, this means that approximately fourteen million people are resistant to learning swimming, making them miss the transformational benefits of swimming. 

It is a fairly common fear that can be overcome through certain practices and support. If you are keen to get over your aquaphobia or fear, here is a complete guide for you.

Why Are you Fearful of Swimming

Before we learn how to overcome aquaphobia and fear to learning swimming, we must identify possible reasons for the fear. Here are a few causes that might have led to your aquaphobia.

  • You might have previous negative/traumatic water experiences
  • The fear might be passed down to you through your parents
  • Developed the fear of hearing bad water-experience stories

How to Overcome Your Aquaphobia of Learning Swimming

Your water phobia is your biggest hurdle in achieving compelling swimming benefits. You can conquer your fears by following these steps. 

Overcoming Fear of Swimming HydroSplash

Reconstruct Your Thoughts

People with aquaphobia instantly react to water. Instead of responding, freeze your thoughts and consciously generate an internal dialogue to identify the cause of your phobia. We often associate a bad experience with the activity. Every sport has its dangers, but it does not mean it will happen every time. 

Look for inspirations and professional swimmers. If they have taken swimming as a career, it means swimming can be safe and requires using the right techniques. You just need to learn from a trusted Swimming Academy Singapore

Use Breathing Exercises to Calm Your Mind

Is your heart pumping faster at the idea of how to learn to swim? Water phobia has symptoms like increased heart rate, sweating, dizziness, and more. It would be best to manage your stress/panic attack through relaxation breathing techniques. Learn a few exercises and breathing control to reduce stress levels. 

The upper chest breathing system is also known to be a stress response. Once you start experiencing symptoms of your water fear, instead of reacting, start taking deep breaths and loosen up your arm-shoulder muscles through gentle stretches. 

Learning From a Professional Swimming Coach/ Academy

Your past negative experience might be due to the neglected need for a supervisor. By joining Swimming Academy Singapore, you can have access to learn swimming using the right knowledge and techniques from a trusted trainer. 

Swimming coaches are aware of people suffering from water phobia. It is a part of their job to help their learner how to deal with and overcome their fear. You will be assured that someone trained is there for you in case of any adversary. 

Overcoming Fear of Swimming Lessons Singapore

Start with Shallow Water in a Controlled Environment

Once you have learned to control your stress levels through breathing techniques, it’s time you face your fears. Start with shallow water in a controlled environment. Sit near the pool edge and put your feet into the water. Close your eyes and feel the waves of water rushing through your feet. Slowly lower your body into the water to your comfort level. Stay there and practice your breathing exercises to manage your stress alongside. 

Repeat and increase your time in the water to slowly get used to it.

Learn About Swimming Benefits

You might change your mind by looking at the compelling benefits of learning to swim. It will help you visualize a healthy and stronger body. Learning about swimming advantages will also help you see other swimmers’ potential strengths. You will be able to identify their stronger personality and physical and mental traits. This might help you to associate positivity with swimming. 

Swim with Your Friends

Sign up for a group swimming lesson or take your swimmer friend along with you whom you trust. Having someone on your side will help you feel more comfortable in the water. It will become more entertaining. Some laughter with your pal in the pool will help you develop a love of the water. Dedicate a time in your routine to practice swimming. Repeated exposure to your fear will slowly help you identify your phobia’s actual cause. Notice your reaction every time you go into the pool. Surely with more time spent in water, you will slowly be able to overcome your fears.

Learning Swimming Singapore HydroSplash


To learn swimming, you need dedication and consistency. One of the essential elements to overcoming your water fear is a willingness to challenge your fear. Once you are ready to expose yourself to your fear, you will somehow overcome it. You should overcome your anxiety through a Swimming Academy Singapore. The trainers will torch the phobia out of you.  

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