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Swimming Mistakes to Aviod

Swimming as smoothly as a pro can ignite interest to polish your swim skills. Are you a beginner or struggling to perfect your water action? There can be certain factors that might be a hurdle towards your perfect swim. Every sport requires careful monitoring and a deep understanding of the basics. Swimming can become a dangerous activity if you overlook mistakes. One of the prime reasons to learn from private swimming lessons is the availability of professional support and supervision. Once you have mastered the basic swimming styles and strokes, it is natural to feel accomplished. But if you lack speed, endurance, or balance, there might be a few mistakes in your swim. Here, we will discuss some commonly observed swimming mistakes that can cause a setback in swimming.

Common Swimming Mistakes You Must Avoid

Swimming is a perfect recreational activity. It provides a complete mental and physical workout. To maximize swimming benefits, you must apply the correct swim techniques. Go through the mistakes below and see if you are doing any of them.

  1. Wrong Head Position

It is an instinct to look forward for direction. Swimming requires greater mental strength and the ability to maintain the correct direction without looking forward. You need to sense where you are swimming towards. That is genuinely challenging but essential in swimming. Swimmers often raise their heads higher than the recommended point. It can lead to neck strain, a loss of balance of your lower body, slower swim speed and create drag.

You can correct your head posture by joining adult swimming lessons in Singapore. Your trainer will help you identify a comfortable head position to avoid body strain and loss of balance. It is recommended to look down towards the pool and analyze your direction.

  1. Poor Breathe Control

Breath control often seems challenging to beginners. It is often asked, how am I going to breathe while swimming? Your trainer at private swimming lessons will teach you when and how to inhale and exhale. Swimmers often hold up their breath for too long during the swim. This will lead to poor oxygenation in the body and become uncomfortable. Your breath during the swim should be smooth. Instead of holding up your breath, you must learn about the points when you should inhale and exhale.

Different swimming styles have specific postures. Inhale through the mouth during your side head position over the water and exhale in water through the nose or mouth.

  1. Lack of Body-Coordination

During your swim, you must be conscious of your body movements. Mainly, your arm strokes and kicks should be in coordination. In your adult swimming lessons in Singapore, you will learn about the length of your arm strokes and the power you need to generate kicks. Over or under kicking or arm stroke can lead to body disbalance. It will also exhaust you during the swim. Your swim should be comfortable. You should be able to enjoy the sound and feel of water running against your body.

Every swimming style has its distinctive set of arm strokes and kicks. Whichever style you choose, you must coordinate your upper body movement with the lower body. Otherwise, it will increase your chances of drowning.

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  1. Inappropriate or Too Fancy Swimming Gear

As essential as swimming gear is, it is also vital you get the right one. There are numerous types of swimming gear you can find in the market. But you can indeed identify the professional gear with the fancy ones. Before you purchase your swimming essentials, you must learn about the usage and different types of swimming gear. Inappropriate swimming gear will make your swim difficult rather than easier.

Consult your trainer at private swimming lessons. A professional swimmer will be better at guiding you to make the right purchase.

  1. Ignoring Warm-up and Poor Meal Timings

Beginners often ignore their warm-up exercises, thinking it’s unnecessary. Even professional swimmers have their warm-up routines. Next time you watch a swimming competition, observe how the swimmers perform various stretches before the competition. Warm-up exercises help prepare the body for intense physical activity. It boosts blood oxygenation in the body. Warm-up will also signal your brain to turn on your mental toughness. Without a warm-up, you will have difficulty maintaining stamina and develop higher chances of injuries and muscle strain.

Your food intake plays an essential role in your swim performance. Poor eating habits will lead to lower energy levels. Your meal timing is also crucial. If you just had a meal before your swim, it can make you nauseous. Also, don’t swim on an empty stomach. You need sufficient energy to swim efficiently. Discuss with your swim coach about recommended intake.

Wrapping UpAre you doing any one of the mistakes mentioned above? If yes, it is recommended to join private swimming lessons for one-on-one training. Swimming Academy Singapore is known for its transformative lessons. We provide various classes and tailored lessons so you can enhance your swim action. Connect with us and unlock your abilities and love for swimming!

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